The App Store in iOS 15 will hide the preview of installed apps 1

Gradually Apple It is constantly renewing and improving its app store, this is how it tries to dramatically improve the quality of these and in the same way it is committed to improving the user experience that Apple customers have with their devices, creating a much higher quality ecosystem.

Now Apple has improved the interface of the iOS App Store by hiding the preview of the apps that we have already installed while we are showing the content in the iOS App Store.

This is how the Cupertino company intends to improve the user experience in iOS 15, with these small details that we get to know by analyzing the system.

We noticed this news thanks to user @ilyakuh from Twitter, Ilia Kukharev, who found out how the iOS App Store in iOS 15 is able to hide these previews as screenshots of the apps we have already installed. The truth is, the functionality mechanism is pretty straightforward and not a real breakthrough or overhaul in the iOS App Store, which in design remains pretty much the same, it’s clear Apple left the drawer news ajar during WWDC.

For its part, Apple still does not resolve the serious problems that exist with the development of iOS 14.6,

which is so far the most recent version of the mobile operating system from the Cupertino company and is literally draining the battery of users. We have found thousands of complaints on Twitter and even on Apple’s support website where we have found users including myself that before iOS 14.6 we were arriving overnight with rates above 25/30 % battery, whereas we are already getting used to seeing the red battery warning us that the battery level is too low.