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The Apple Watch is seeking emergency after a user disappeared in Arizona



The Apple Watch is seeking emergency after a user disappeared in Arizona

The Apple Watch has once again played an important role in the crisis. At this time, the man got tired and passed, after which the clock sent a notification to paramedics. The machine allowed various teams to help him, which ended up having a happy ending.

Grateful thanks received from Apple Watch

Apple Watch series 5

On April 23, Chandler police call center [Arizona] He received a call from a computer voice indicating that an Apple Watch user had fallen and was unresponsive.

At KTAR (via 9to5Mac) they tell us this user story who lost consciousness

. His Apple Watch got a crash last fall by paramedics. The phone provided specific details of the man's location, without providing further details.

Police and the fire department arrived at the scene, finding the user. According to team manager Adriana Cacciola, the man “didn't know that help was on the way until we got there.” In their group they ensure that this type of technology can “save a person's life” by being able to help even if the victim cannot warn

in emergency teams.

Since the Apple Watch has added new features for health and adoption, cases have played a major role and did not cease to go up. The discovery of a fall helped a couple who collapsed in the trash area, an emergency call saved the girl from sexual abuse, and her heart sensor suffered a heart attack. All other examples of cases have occurred in recent months.

Many traces show the potential delay with the launch of the iPhone 12 to launch in October

Fallout diagnostics are available on Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5. They are automatically available to over 65 users, while others we should use it in Settings.

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