The new camera from Chinese company Aqara, will be available throughout this year 2020 as sources close to the company show, and you'll have the opportunity to connect directly to HomeKit Video Safe. This camera is going to be a tough competitor to have when compared to many other cameras we have found in the market for its appreciation of money, and that is often the company's price tag is quite low and if we add to this the reliability and its use, we have the perfect combo.

The new Aqara G2H does not have an official release date but there are many rumors that it will be released. In addition, the camera and the new Aqara M2 Hub, were announced earlier July of July last year

And that's when it was announced that it would add support for this Apple feature, HomeKit. The problem, as with other devices and others, has been the production of these cameras, logically Covid-19 could not be driven or have their problems, so let's hope the production of these new Aqara Cameras can start soon and be introduced to the market this year.

All of this is excellent and although the price is still unknown, the company is known for having it products at a very low price the reason why in a sense this new camera should not be different from the other products they have in their product catalog.