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The best iPhone apps for a limited time today




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Another day here you have some great apps from the App Store that they have been free for a limited time only. It's a daily occurrence, some developers decide to change the price of their apps to promote them.

These apps are usually paid for, but for a limited time they can be downloaded completely for free, but you must be quick because They will last only a few hours for free, it's a great day. Best of all, if you have downloaded it for free, you can remove it without any problem and download it again at no cost even if they come back to their price.

The best free apps today are February 19th

Wallpaper grid

Create your & # 39; grid & # 39; s or wallpapers

. The easiest app to get started is to make these wonderful wallpapers.

Widget reminders

Enter Reminders app for iOS built-in Reminders for iOS from the notifications center Without opening the app. Paste the text into the clipboard and turn it into a reminder. You can see all reminders in one place, scroll to a different list and reminders.


Metadata is a professional photo metadata display Creative on the go. Just select an image from your photo library and you'll see image metadata in a beautiful card-based design. Whether it was a photo taken with your phone, DSLR or photos created in your favorite editing app, Metadata will show you its image dimensions, DPI, file size, location data and device details.

A little luca

Stars are missing. Luca needs your help to pick them up and bring back the night sky. Luca once had a dream: that the stars in the sky would suddenly collapse. Stars spread across the globe. Deep in the ocean, high in the hills and in the sky. It is your job to find the stars.

These have been free applications for iPhone and iPad today, we have the best choice and remember to download them as soon as possible as they can return to their original item at any time. Tomorrow we bring you new money.


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