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The best iPhone apps for July 2020



The best iPhone apps for July 2020

It is almost mid-July and, as always, dozens of new applications arrive each week in the App store. We select the best for each week and bring it to you every weekend for your account. Quality recommendation only with the best that comes to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Every weekend we will update this article with news that arrives within the last 7 days to find out excellent games and use for iPhone and iPad access to the Apple store. Applications and games are the heart of the iPhone or iPad, and these are the best ones to come.

New games from last week in the App app

Jigsaw Puzzle HD Games

This puzzle game contains a huge collection of this Beautiful and free HD images with 5 different levels: easy, medium, hard, pro and epic. The difficulty of the game depends on the number of pieces in each puzzle, which is To be enjoyed by the whole family, adults included. Gather the pieces and have fun every day, relax your mind in solving the puzzle by putting all the pieces of each puzzle together.

New games from last week in the App app

Idle Arena: Emergence of Myths

Famous creatures, easy setup, dungeon exploration, and mind-blowing adventure in new evolution and card game

Head of Sex

Ungu journalist who joined his friends camping in the forest … But something bad happened when you got there.

Great Rig Race

Conquer races. Divide the powerful groups with 18 wheels. Combine the coolest trucks. Classic or racing types: choose what you will have in your collection. Your truck is your style. Customize trucks with a variety of cool designs and paints.

Slotble Rider

Roll, swim, hit and fly with the latest “universal” car.

Stealth Master

Jump to the safest places, eliminate bad people, complete the journey and not be seen. Your enemies are armed, but they know little, nothing will help you with your skill and accuracy.

Feral Club

Divide a series of predators at the Club, or relax and try to beat your high score in endless mode.

New apps from last week in the App app

Privacy Assistant

Privacy Assistant: Password Protector The best solution is to remember all your passwords, using a key, provide security and protect your important information.

REC – Pro Video 4 Camera

In the group that uploaded their photos with Camera + 2, we present an app that will take your videos and download new ones: REC. ReC is designed with you in mind, whether you are an experienced photographer or your last video recording experience was a camcorder, you will find that REC produces high quality videos with simple and precise controls.

Pharmacy Photo APP

This app provides style photos of Farm products. Browse, edit and publish on social media platforms

New games for the third week of July on the App Store

Petri: Blogs from Space!

A unique adventure of shoot bubbles and explode bubbles waiting for you in Petri: Blogs from Space! Put on your coat jacket and install Petri Labs as an alien health investigator. Align unfamiliar areas with color and remove dark spots in the center of the plate. Try 3 game modes that offer a different game experience.

Layton: the future lost in HD

With more than 17 million units sold worldwide, The Professor Layton and Lost Morning featured third in the popular series By Professor Layton, who has now re-translated digitally into high definition mobile devices.

Maze: way of light

Have fun with old square holes Or find some original: circular, triangular, hexagonal mazes or others with clay, guitar or tree shape. Challenge yourself with seven different game modes, including our amazing sites linked to teleportation portals. Scroll to the catalog and unlock more than eighty combinations of game sizes, genres, shapes and modes.

Super War: Hero Comics

Game of fight against images of our favorite heroes. You will have to deal with other heroes who were your friends before.

New applications for the third week of July in the App Store

Good Scanner: PDF document

Nice scanner is here an excellent application for making documents in PDF format. This app allows you to create documents containing one or more pages at a time and share them via email, cloud services, messages and more.

Apple TV + Screeners

This application is only available to authorized voters members of the media. To access Apple TV + Screeners, use your unique code or email with a pre-registered password. If you are not an award-winning voter or media member, enjoy Apple TV + using the Apple TV app.

New games from the second week of July on the App Store

One Finger Punch

Be careful, please, to be surrounded. Take any available weapon again Use Kung fu to defeat all enemies. Being an amazing master of kung fu, lightning fast.

Battlefield – Epic Idle Game

100 great battles against 100: build an army and see him fight. Lots of great visuals and fun. Get into the shoes of the aspiring commander and climb the ladder with an unforgettable victory over your army company.

What a Fight

One of those fun and exciting games, swipe to move and take all items to beat all opponents and win the war.

3D Money Maker – Cash Cash

Who wants to be a billionaire? We believe state of money printing. All you have to do is open up ways like coloring, printing, adding a holographic line, cutting, marking, sharing some tricks and putting your background in a safe place.

New applications for the second week of July in the App Store

Invisible: Cloak of Invisibility

With our new and improved, invisible algorithm: Invisible Cloak breaks the fourth wall again allows you to see through objects. The application has great performance and clarity due to machine learning. Share your photos and videos with your friends on social networks. Make creative videos using the app to show your friends these great things.

PhotoArt: Cartoon and Hairstyle

A Photo Editor all alone with everything you could want to do on your phone. PhotoArt provides everything you need when editing photos. Many effects, filters and drawing tools help you create an attractive point.

New games from the first week of July on the App Store

One Wheel

Prize winner at the Buildbox Game Jam. Give it to them a visit to a large bridge in the sky. Get into the beautiful world above the clouds- The bridge has many surprises that will test your riding skills. Choose your player from a bunch of characters, from girls and boys to witches and zombies. Enjoy a game without violence, where losing can be as satisfying as winning.

Shadow Knight

Harmonia was a prosperous country of all races, where people, orcs, spirits, ancestors, animals, and elves lived peacefully together. One day, when deep desires arose, dark forces rose from hell, invading the land, the catastrophe struck all the inhabitants of Harmonia and caused everything to fall into the depths of despair. Play the role of Noah: knight knight, you must enter through the gates of hell, fight against evil enemies, conquer the immortality of darkness and return the light to Harmonia. You will meet Ashley and Lucius, your friends on a Harmonia rescue mission!

Crazy Portal

Equip your portal weapon, take advantage of the magical method of portal and teleportation and defeat your enemies. They will never know how you got it.

Success for All

You start out as fat, weak, and inactive. Exercise to lose weight, study and work hard to get a job and move on. Make friends and spend time with your friends. Earn money and build your house. Be the best version.

New applications for the first week of July in the App Store

SLEEP by Max Richter

SLEEP is the dedication of our famous designer Max Richter the custom of daily sleeping. Combined with consultation with sleep professionals, SLEEP is a music team that has attracted international audiences.

IPrint – Smart printer scanner

IPrint Smart allows you to easily print your photos and text. It's an all-in-one printer application that works with iPhone AND iPad. This application allows you to print all types of files in a very simple way. Is all-in-one printer and app scanner of your AirPrint printer.

NOTE CAST 24 – Forecast

All details of the weather you need, compiled with well-designed, beautiful, minimal, simple and free program. With weather forecasts up to 15 days with weather stations around the world.

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