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The best iPhone apps of the month (May 2020)




month of the best apps

Now that we live in a few weeks of secrecy at home, one of the best things we can do is try new programs and games on our iPhone and iPad. Every week dozens of new arrivals in the App Store, but it might be too many to try all. In that case each week brings you a bunch of good news who arrive at the Apple app store.

During this time, which we will review weekly, you can find out best games and iPhone and iPad usage reached the Apple Store in the last 7 days. Don't miss them, you'll definitely have a great time.

New games for the week in the App Store

Compare 3D

Get ready for something new, original and challenging a couple game. You need to join the 3D objects in the ground and make them explode. When you complete the level, you will find new items that will match.

Private Games 3D

MUST OPEN TOILET NOW! Before the DUCK did it! Solve your way to the toilet! Puzzle games and toiletries. Be sure to bring plenty of toilet paper! I hope you bring a magazine, this may take a while!

KartRider Rush +

The feeling of Race kart Enjoying over 300 million players worldwide is back and better than ever with more style, more game modes, more excitement. Compete with friends or just play alone in various game modes. Collect and develop iconic characters and cards from around the KartRider universe. Go up the ranks and be the best race ever!

Invisigun reloaded

Risk compared with reward guide your journey through the campaign single player and local / online player mode. Observation is important as environmental warnings, such as footprints and other disturbances, will indicate careless cadets. Lots of great places with romance, maps, paths, and skills, all equally visual, interactive for high-quality play and deep-seated approach.

Fix something

Clean up the rusty parts, remove the faulty parts, assemble new ones, tighten the screws and you're done. A a complete remodeling experience. It's very satisfying.

New apps for the week in the App Store

FX-magic Video Editor

Video FX is a simple video editing tool You can join video clips and images in one music video with one click, edit and trim videos, create cartoon characters, add background music and magical effects to create a custom music video.

Fontsify – Cool Fonts Keyboard

Application with over 100 different sources you can copy and paste into your social networks or applications.

GIF Body Image Creature

Access to hundreds of gifs which you can download and distribute, fun GIFs into one great user-friendly app.

New games from the first week of May in the App Store

Golf Challenge – A World Tour

¡Fun golf games With Simple Controls! With Simple Controls, challenge your friends around the world on a World Tour. Compete internationally with the best players in the tournament.
Win championships are available every week.

The Juicy Realm

Juicy Realm is a race like race fruit as enemies. It is set in a world where the line between animals and plants is blurred. It started with the food chain, forcing people to establish an outlet and to start an investigation in the region where the first species of genetically modified plants were found. The army has prepared a large number of powerful weapons, with you leading the vears to fight this long battle.

Earth Wars: Take the Earth

By 2035, The world is conquered as aliens E.B.E. To reclaim the capital of New York, mankind decides to use its last resort. The only chance to win is to join the A.N.T.I. introduce a great fight!

Forza Street

Drive the environment of street racing at breakneck speed. Have fun winning the race car collection of your dreams. Choose an event, select a range of vehicles from your collection and start competing in the name of infamy in Forza's first mobile game.

New applications for the first week of May in the App Store

ToonMe: an avatar avatar designer

Turn photos three times It's already possible for anyone. ToonMe's special algorithm is quickly producing high-quality, hand-drawn artwork, making it an accessible app for all visual artists. Just take or upload a selfie and get ready to meet your cartoon.

Scanner Pro – OCR Printer App

Scan all documents print them with the size of paper you want. Scan receipts to track all expenses. Scan the documents and send them to the manager right away. Scan a sketch while in the meeting. Scan anywhere, shoot anytime.

Wallpaper Creator!

Create your own background image customized right now. With this app it is very easy to design impressive wallpapers, even to create powerful wallpapers.

Auto Sticker verb

With an Auto Sticker you can do it Create less stickers in less than a minute, or download them from our available collections. Auto Sticker Maker is easy to use, and has a variety of fun stickers to use in your conversations

These have been all the news that came to the App store in May, remember to come back next week to check out all the upcoming news. You should also check out the new apps and games that arrived in April, and you'll surely find plenty of apps to download.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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