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The best weather app has been purchased by Apple and will disappear on Android




Dark Sky is one of the best applications for weather monitoring, an app that came to Android several years ago and that, although not officially available in Spain, can be enjoyed by downloading the APK file.

The team that created the program congratulates them, and that is because they have since joined Apple. This move, though it gives them a good advantage, leaves us with a negative effect, and that is that Android will lose this great app. What happened?

Apple has bought Dark Sky and will disappear from Android

Apple today is one of the most powerful companies in the market, and that allows it to focus its resources on its development, whether it is improving it from scratch or acquiring machines that have proven to be the best.

In some cases these acquisitions are made to enable the party who made the request to continue to surrender to it, such as when Cupertino executives took over from Shazam. From time to time, there come changes we may not like.

This has been proven by the Green Sky team itself, which shows that from now on they join Apple, with a chance to move on. Without specifying it, the message prompts us to think that Dark Sky will retain the traditional iOS device, because Dark Sky is much better than the one installed by the standard iPhone.

What will happen with the Sky Sky app:

  • IOS: The application will continue to operate and will continue to be sold on the App Store for a price of $ 3.99.
  • Android and Wear OS: Applications are no longer available on Google Play. Registered users will be able to continue using the system until July 1, the date that it will cease permanently.
    • Subscriptions ending after this date will receive a refund.
  • Website: It will continue to users until July 1, 2020. Apart from this date, the website will only be used to provide information about the iOS app.
  • API: For API clients nothing changes, even if new registrations will not be accepted. The service will close at the end of 2021.

For us, as Android users, we're sad about Dark Sky, or we're glad their good work is known. And when the app returns to Android, we'll celebrate again.


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