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The Chinese WeChat app can monitor the conversations of all its users




Although in the West we use apps such as WhatsApp or Telegraph to communicate with your contacts, in China we do not. And that in the Asian world they have their own choices and traditions. Therefore, much of the content we can discuss freely in China is explored as well that in the communist world there is strict management of content that can be published on the network.

And, of course, its use of messages would be minimal. Nearly everyone in China is using WeChat, a messaging app that also allows video calls – very useful for video calls in times of health crisis – developed by Tencent, an Asian giant, for example, and a shareholder in the popular MOBA League of Legends, among others.


What news? That is according to research conducted by the Citizen Lab laborator, WeChat would monitor the conversations of all its users, not only those in China but also those around the world.

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Apparently John Scott-Railton, one of the creators of this Citiz Lab research, found that WeChat analyzes all images and documents that are shared between your accounts for political reasons. Using Artificial Intelligence, WeChat filters all of those "undesirable" messages, preventing them from being shared in a Chinese account, even if it comes from a smartphone located outside of the Asian country. In addition, in WeChat's privacy policies there is no mention of this controversial fact and the company currently does not want to make any statements about the matter.

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Of course, this not only violates the freedom to show its users, but also It could also jeopardize WeChat's continuity in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. in case this "espionage" is guaranteed. At the moment there are no more news about it, so we provide some cautionary advice and in case any of you use WeChat for some weird reason, stop using it when everything turns on and start using other secure platforms like Telegal.

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