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The composer of Monument Valley shows us a preview of his new title



The composer of Monument Valley shows us a preview of his new title

The Memorial has been, almost since its launch, by category of mobile devices. Ustwo, the engineer of this interesting article, in addition to others who did not have the same interest, presented a tea what will be its new title: Alba: Wildlife Adventure.

Well, over the tea is a kind of presentation, from certainly no show from the game, but it shows us how the subject will focus on Alba and his hands in the open air, naturally directly on the Mediterranean coast. If we consider that Monument Valley is a puzzle game, it is likely that this will happen again.

This new theme will be available, in addition to iOS, macOS and tvOS, and Windows and more. The developer did not report the availability of this article on Android, however is available in addition to Apple Arcade only.

Last fall, Ustwo games were released Meet with care

, a title found only in the Apple Arcade, so it all seems to indicate Alba's adventure in the environment It will only be available for a fee of 4.99 euros that a subscription to Apple Arcade costs.

Apple Arcade in trouble

A few days ago, we published an article in which several developers called APple has canceled some of their contracts making platform titles, as I was looking for hook-themed topics, topics that target users and invite them to play continuously.

Everything seems to show that Apple is looking for titles such as Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, Animal Crossing… Games that occasionally introduce a new season with decorative elements, and this is the kind of game that invites users to spend money and keep it handled by the game.

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