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The Department of Health already has an official Telegraph channel




In these days of hardship due to coronavirus and incarceration, access to information is crucial. It is important to have accurate and valid information, and official sources such as the World Health Organization or the Department of Health are important. And the Telegraph has decided to make the task easier for governments.

Applications that are part of our daily lives do a great job of preventing fake news from being broadcast, as well as making it possible for the official media to reach out to the public as much as possible.

The Telegraph is partnering with government to provide official communications

Telegraph stations are a great tool for disseminating information. A channel is nothing more than a group where only the creator can send messages, which is a great way to communicate in unity.

The Telegraph Group wants to help their platform become more effective means of communication of any legitimate source of communication, and as a result they provide better tools to authenticate these channels and give them credentials such as groups, channels or official bots.

Among the first official channels, the Spanish Ministry of Public Health is one of the first to be found in the popular messaging system. The message you can see in this article is just one of many messages with relevant details.

If you want to be informed all the time and use Telegram, registration at the official Department of Health site is a great way to get notified.

Once you have installed it, at these links you can log on to the official government health channel.

If you weren't familiar with Telegram today, it's a way to send constantly updated messages with new messaging services, a free application we recommend.





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