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The design and possible specifications of Samsung Samsung M51 revealed a leak




With 2020 becoming more advanced, this first quarter of the year is starting to leave a few middle-class phones on the table. Samsung is one of the companies with the widest catalog and, in particular, his family M is one of the most popular.

OnLeaks is completely filtered out the final build of the Samsung Galaxy M51, in addition to rejecting some of its meanings.

Side port and module camera

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Samsung's new A-line, similar to the top one, features a large star camera module at the back and a hole focusing on the panel. It seems that, according to mature data, the M family will try to differentiate itself from the project, with the M51 having hole in the screen on the left side of the device


Samsung is already betting on a hole in the screen for both the A-list and the S-list. However, the side hole is not very common in the device bar.

This hole allows for good use of the front frame, which fits well-used sides. The frame below, as usual on Android, is great. What wasn't left camera module

. Large and with three sensors coupled with a USB flash, see the back of the app, where we can also see a fingerprint reader. It looks like Samsung has withheld screen readers from all grades, choosing the traditional ones from the M family.

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At the same level, according to OnLeaks, the device will have it 162.6 x 77.5 x 8.5mm. The camera will gradually increase, making the phone 9.2mm thick if we have that content module.

At the level of specification there are several rumors. Among them, the 6.3-inch panel with FullHD + adjustment and IPS technology, is no AMOLED here. As for the processor, there are rumors that it will come from the hands of the Qualcomm proposalWhich would be great news. In terms of RAM, up to 6 GB variants are expected, all at a price of about $ 250.

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