The work on the “personal entry point” is the solution for many when sharing the Internet from your iPhone to iPad or Mac, but for a while it doesn't work as it should. Apple already knows the problem and the solution can come as soon as an update to iOS 13.4.

Online sharing from our iPhone has been possible for years. If you are away from home and want to use internet connection with your iPad or Mac, using the iPhone as a "router" is very easy. Your kids can continue playing Fortnite during a car tour or watch their favorite movies, using the internet connection (and using more battery) from your iPhone. With iOS 13, Apple has also introduced improvements that allow any app with the same iCloud account to connect "automatically"

on your iPhone when you need internet and WiFi not available. You can also authorize communications from those devices belonging to your family without entering a password, just authorize communications from your iPhone.

However since iOS 13.1.2 many users complained that this feature is not w orking as it should. Your devices don't connect automatically, or disconnect for no apparent reason, or the speed of communication slows down even though the iPhone is installed. Users contacted Apple's help, who currently tells them that the solution is to restart the work.

n (open and close from Settings). But they were also told that a problem was reported by Apple and that a solution was in the way. Hopefully next week iOS 13.4 will come with new mouse and trackpad compatibility, and perhaps a solution to this really annoying problem for many users.