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The Facebook bug tags coronavirus content as spam




Facebook on Android

Facebook Its number of users continues to rise over time, and remains one of the most popular social networks at present, though it continues your privacy issues. A company led by Mark Zuckerberg, that we tested new interface that is visible on Android, currently has no presidents, because they've stopped working, and it seems the ability of the communications courts is crazy.

During this time, the social network known as Marking other posts linked to information and articles about coronavirus and COVID-19 as spam due to a software interruption, as stated in Verge. Something Twitter users have also noticed Guy Rosen, Facebook vice president of fitness, who was reluctant to get up to confirm that the problem was caused there is an "antispam program error".

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In addition, Rosen himself confirmed that the company had started work on a solution as soon as he found the insect. "We're in it: This is a flaw in the spam system, which is not conducive to any change in our content moderator functionality. edit and find all this post. More details soon, ”said the Facebook president of the Presidential Technology account who posted on his Twitter account.

Bug caused the post about the coronavirus to be marked as spam

Shortly thereafter, Guy Rosen personally helped himself to his account on the blue bird's social network to confirm that Facebook had solved the problem and had returned the impact of the post. "We have reinstated all the deleted posts, which includes posts on all topics, not only those related to COVID-19, ”said the opposing Facebook trial president.

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"There has been a problem with the automated program that removes links to malicious websites, but also incorrectly delete many more postsIn this way, from Facebook they make it clear that the problem was not related to any change in the utilization of their staff, but was about bug in the automated calibration tool.

It should be remembered that Facebook previously announced that it will stop the spread of false inventions and harmful content about this virus. To help during the epidemic, a well-known social network confirmed at the time that its platforms were being used help people communicate with relevant information, which is appropriate and rehabilitated in this context, including international and regional health organizations.

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