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The FBI says the FireApp app is a threat to cybersecurity because of its connection with Russia





A few months ago, the SpaceApp app went viral, ever since we have altered our images by adding aging effects. A few days after the launch, some users started voicing their concerns about the app's privacy policy and its connection with Russia, the country where the request was made.

This concern has reached the American Senate. Senator Chuck Schumer requested that the FBI investigate the application for possible national security issues that may be the use of this application. The FBI recently said that an application made in Russia "could pose threats of counter-terrorism."

Given concerns about the app's privacy policies, the developer said at the time User details are being transferred to Russia

, although it is in this country where the R&D team has created the algorithm, in addition to emphasizing that the aging process is not performed on the device itself, but is uploaded to its servers.

As we can learn from Axios, the FBI considers that any application made in Russia could pose a threat of counterintelligence, because on the Russian government's tools for using user data, because the Russian Federal Security Service can access information from servers stored in any country without the need to make any request for judgment.

After receiving a report from the FBI, Schumer urges all Americans to consider eliminating the use of Russian origin, including SpaceApp. But it is not the application that has been blaming the American government. Tik Tok is another application currently under investigation by American lawmakers, due to their Chinese background.

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