Servant now has its second season available on Apple TV +

The first series to see the light of day on Apple TV + began production for its second season amid the lockout in March. In fact, many of them had to postpone their release. One of those first series to launch Apple’s original content platform was Servant, one of the best of all those available whose producers have confirmed their Second season few months ago. The first chapter of the second season of Servant is now available on Apple TV + and the second will be released next Friday.

The Supernatural Comes to the Second Season of Servant

Viewers knew that the second season of Servant It arrived on Apple TV + in 2021. A few months ago, they confirmed that it would arrive on the platform today, January 15th, and like a highlight the first episode is now available. Recall that it was announced that this second season would launch one chapter per week, instead of all the chapters available on request as in the first season.

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For marathon enthusiasts it is quite a crime to have to see a chapter a day, but for those who enjoy the plots week after week … It is a luxury. In this one Second season of Servant We know that the plot will turn a little more to the supernatural and another scare is saved. While no plot has been revealed, we do know the producers’ intentions:

We haven’t explored every nook and cranny of this house. As the series grows and develops, we have the freedom to open up the world, and when the time comes, we will. If we open another door, it will be an important door to go through. Home is so central to everything we have seen that it would be shocking to suddenly go elsewhere.

From now on every friday you will have a new episode of Servant on Apple TV + until the end of its second ten-part season.