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The founder of Telegram also warns of the dangers of WhatsApp



Rather than WhatsApp is not the most secure messaging app Earthliness is something we all already know, that using it is dangerous even for our data. If we search for files in WhatsApp security errors, we can find several. For one thing, we mentioned the high risk of video calls allowing hackers to easily control the app.

If you are unaware of the dangers involved in using WhatsApp, we have the founder of Telegram to repeat it to you a thousand times. After stating that WhatsApp “will never be safe”, Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, also criticized the conflicting messaging service for its ever-standing security flaws, and that put users like you at high risk


The founder of Telegram warns of the dangers of WhatsApp

Pavel Durov's recent criticism is not accidental, but for good reason. As reported Private, cyber security experts recently discovered a serious security error in WhatsApp that allowed it from hackers they received messages of those who received the MP4 file.

As Durov confirmed in a shocking statement published Wednesday, WhatsApp continues to have back doors that give cyber attackers the power to carry out their actions. This note, the founder of the Telegram saying “I warned you”, confirms what he has been saying for years: this app is used as Trojan Horse access to messages, photos, videos and other user information.

According to Durov, after a recent discovery of a security error, Facebook users are confused

saying they had not found any of the hijackers who did their thing. In this regard, the developer of Telegram confirms that he cannot have such evidence because in this case he has to analyze the videos shared by users, details that can be stored by the app.

If there is nothing to analyze, there is no evidence that the backdoor was used by hackers for profit. Durov does not need proof to know that such an intruder has been used to access private data,

As with previous WhatsApp vulnerabilities, the source of information leaks about journalists and human rights defenders is in the hands of US organizations

Regardless of WhatsApp's intentions – it may intentionally invade those back doors – Durov has your message if you are a platform user and you do not want your messages, photos and videos to be shared on the network: you have to delete WhatsApp on your phone.

As expected, Pavel Durov took advantage of his rival's weakness to promote Telegram. According to its creator, the app he did not suffer from the effects of this affliction during the last six years since its inception. Apart from this reason, we can give you something else reasons for changing the Telegram you like, for example, that you can do 8 things that are not yet available on WhatsApp.

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