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The Google Home app updates your home's management




As Google has expanded its ecosystem of automated devices and services, the Google Home system has become more relevant. I use it a lot myself to configure the speakers or devices I'm testing and many functions are available here in case we don't want to use voice commands.

However, it is sometimes difficult to find exactly what you want from this application, although it does not have any special advantages, it has many menus and settings.

After the last update, Google reorganized everything related to your home. In the new menu, within settings,

Organize everything related to automation in your home in three categories.

The Google Home app updates your home's management

In the first section, called General, we can change Name in our house or to direct Of the same. In addition, we can invite new ones members so they can control devices similar to us again rearrange both location of each device and groups what we want to do with the speakers.

In the second section, called Functions, we can modify features such as notifications

of application, management of digital life, or control of route and cameras Nest if any entries are associated with this function.The Google Home app updates your home's management

Finally, in the Services section, we can control which programs we will use the wizard for video, music and video calls. We can also access Shopping list and on all accounts of third-party applications and services linked to our assistant, such as those used by Xiaomi bulbs or smart plugs.

That's all we have take out the house okay, if we want to rearrange everything from scratch.

This new guide is available in the version of the app already available in the Google Play store, but if you can't find it you can install the APK from the APK Mirror.


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