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The iPhone 11 Pro will take part in the WWDC 2020 recording, according to Gurman




Due to the confinement where many countries place people, many economic activities are affected. Among them, not only film and screening groups, but also television programs. Some of them have turned to the iPhone to continue their success. Now Apple plans to use its iPhone and in other parts of WWDC 2020, so to speak Mark Gurman.

Television, shows and now WWDC 2020

IPhone 11

American network ABC announced last month that its team is using an iPhone on it end the American Idol season. It is in this well-known program where several artists compete in front of a judge. According to the company, the program used three iPhone 11 Pro & # 39; s with a tripod and a light ring.

A group of 45 people helped judges and competitors in the use of devices and the speaker. The program done at home. Other programs like Parks and Recreation and Conan's night program also use the iPhone to record certain stages.

The iPhone will also play a key role in WWDC 2020. According to Gurman, Apple will use the item for the event, though it is not clear what parts it is. Remember that is the key word for WWDC it's just a small part and that later there are many other keynotes and developer workshops.

It is very possible that the first presentation will be broadcast or recorded with one or more standard equipment. After all, it doesn't have to be live. Now what? sessions are done by recording with an iPhone of the latest streaming generation. WWDC will start on June 22, so there are still 41 days to go without hesitation.

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