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The iPhone 12 can change what we ask for high-end Android




As is the case with most mobile phones, and the iPhone there, we see leaks and rumors of upcoming models. And it's not that they're gone anytime soon. It is expected that it will not be officially launched until the fall, but as it is reasonable, many decisions have already been made about these institutions.

In the last hours like published several features of the iPhone will need 12 and some may change certain features that we take for granted in high quality phones and Android.

Optical zoom telephoto

One of the most memorable pieces of the edges like the Xiaomi Mi 10 or OnePlus 8 is the phone's tone. Huawei itself is inexperienced in its regular P40, though it is not as powerful as the P40 Pro and unlocks not reaching the heights of the P40 Pro Plus.

If Apple were putting a good zoom in on all of its iPhone 12 models, not just in Pro or Max, in Android we could see the same movement, making calls throughout the top end, not just the more expensive models. After all, the most expected thing is that it does on the iPhone 12 Pro, not the iPhone 12.

compact model

Picture: Phone Andrea

A 5.4-inch high phone by 2020? It looks ridiculous but it looks like it won't, and what I've seen on Twitter, there are many ways to wait for him. On Android we don't have a compact terminal for that high-grade caliber.

The closest thing is probably the Galaxy S20, which has a higher mounting rate but is a longer version of the item that makes it much smaller.

It would not have been a cellphone that would interest me, but it would actually look like a breath of fresh air in a world of 6.5 inches and the average size.

Screen 120 Hz

This year's best screens have one thing in common: their refresh rate. OnePlus 8 Pro, OPPO Get X2 Pro and Galaxy S20 OLED screens All 120 Hz, and it looks like Apple will add some fashion.

If this is the case, manufacturers who have not yet reached the bandwagon, such as Xiaomi or Huawei, will opt for their second semester phones, or at least for the first 2021 guys.

It would be nothing new

IPhone 12 can change what we asked for high-end Android - iPhone 12 can change what we ask for high-end Android

We have already seen something similar when the company started a wireless launch in all its models. Even the $ 399 iPhone SE 2020 has it.

Many brands started using it more or less, although unfortunately this function is used as a feature that distinguishes between Ultra-high and high-end models, as we see in OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro.

you cannot copy everything

On the other hand, there are rumored elements, such as nerves Lidar, they wouldn't be because although Apple is willing to upgrade augmented reality, not all mobile manufacturers will go the same as it sounds on Android.

Maybe some use it, but without much surprises, it won't be a standard procedure, as the 3D opening sensors that follow the ID ID weren't there.

Of course, all of this has to be confirmed as rumors and leaks have occurred, and until September or October we cannot confirm it.


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