The iPhone 12 was the iPhone expected by many according to Apple 1

The truth is, the possibility of launching a phone every year and making it a bestseller is within reach of very few. Does Apple have an old formula that makes this possible? No, what is clear is that every year they have higher sales, they keep growing and this is due to several factors, among which it seems that updates or improvements implemented slowly but effectively

it’s one of those factors.

Then we can get into design, power, or even implementation issues with new technologies like the newcomer 5G, something we had in many mobile devices before we got to the Apple iPhone. but it seems that it is also encourages users to switch to the new model.

Luca Maestri and Tim Cook, clarified some questions about 5G demand

At Apple’s latest financial results conference, CFO Luca Maestri and Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that it is more than possible that there is a strong demand from their customers for the implementation of 5G in their devices

and that the arrival of new iPhone 12 models has increased sales of the latter. Users who were waiting to update their old iPhone did so with these new models precisely because of the implementation of this technology.

Another important detail of these statements is that, according to them, Apple customers have opted more for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models. What seems more than obvious is that things are going well for Apple despite being one of the latest companies to implement technologies like 5G

in their smartphones and that added to the design change – more similar to that of the iPad Pro – drove their sales up.

Today we continue to see older iPhone models in the hands of users, but the iPhone 12 seems to have been the most anticipated iPhone by many of us and it provided the momentum needed to effect the change.