Touch ID under the iPhone 13 screen

Rumors around Apple devices are always a part of the news in the tech world. New product launches alert us to possible features that future devices may add. The latest information suggests that the iPhone 13 could include the Touch ID finger unlock system under the screen.

In fact, while some analysts claim it will be an ultrasonic sensor, the latest rumor says that The iPhone 13 will integrate an optical-capacitive sensor as a second unlock option in addition to Face ID.

An optical or ultrasonic Touch ID under the iPhone 13 screen?

The two technologies that are on everyone’s lips for the integration of Touch ID under the screen of the iPhone 13 are ultrasound or optics. Ultrasound provides more secure locking by generating a 3D map of the impression. While the optical sensor uses light and an additional camera to generate an image of the finger in question. However, for experts, the optical sensor is much less secure than ultrasound, but the latter technology is much more expensive.

But there is an additional variable: IPad and iPhone Touch ID built into the lock button or home button. These buttons use capacitive technology that uses capacitors that create a fingerprint data card. This sensor does not create an image of the fingerprint, but only uses this data card.

So some experts assure that under the iPhone 13 screen, you will find a hybrid optical-capacitive Touch ID, which would be much safer than simple optics. While doubts now lie in the type of technology, what is clear is that Cupertino is working on sensors under the screen as a second unlock option for situations where we cannot use Face ID.

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