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The iPhone email app can be vulnerable to hackers



The iOS Mail app, one of the most used by millions of iPhone users worldwide, has a crash that makes it vulnerable to attack by hackersThis has been the case since 2012. Or at least this in the case of a recent security report.

Research group of ZecOps, a San Francisco cybersecurity company, says that this insecurity "allows an attacker to infect the device remotely by sending sensitive emails."

This "resources" method can be done with a standard regular email, because it does not match the size of the specified email. mail. What's also shocking is the fact that, according to the company, they can do so without clicking, or at least on iOS 13.

Just opening the email application in the background will cause infection. In iOS 12, you may have to click on the email, even if you don't have to a criminal you already have mail server control.

ZecOps says this vulnerability has been around since 2012 with iOS 6. It's hard to believe that the powerful error in the application being used has never been resolved before, but the fact is that companies often don't realize it until they do. conducts a security researcher or a

a criminal first.

When referring to the white hat (a a criminal ethically), this often informs the company privately and does not disclose that failure until it is corrected, and thus prevent hackers Malicious users use information to attack users.

In the case of the Mail app, this was not entirely the case. In the meantime, Apple only had time to fix the bug in the latest iOS beta, but not in the public version. That's why ZecOps recommends using beta or Outlook or Gmail apps.

Not everyone is convinced by this information from a San Francisco company. As mentioned The Verge, they never gave evidence, probably for privacy reasons and because it is believed hackers they would have removed emails remotely.

ZecOps confirms that a few bad characters have been attacked using this bug. This could include employees from the US company Fortune 500, a Japanese company executive and one Swedish, among others.

Understandably, the company does not want to reveal their names, but this is not proof of their existence. However, we recommend that you follow ours IPhone security tips to protect your phone from hackers.

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