Within months, the Cupertino company is putting the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR on sale in the restored and restored category in the United States. For a few hours Apple has also added those devices to the web part of our country. Without a doubt, the number of models we have here compared to the American website is laughable, but at least they begin to see

specific models and in this case the iPhone seen in the image below is the only available model for this.

restored the iPhone XS

It's a 64GB iPhone XS gold with a price reduction of 230 euros. In this way the final price of the iPhone 809 euros, a very competitive price to see the current market without the Apple website. Logically, this product is nothing new, as we might find on a specific external website, but Apple's one-year warranty and restoration or repair process for the center ensures that it will be the same.

This has already been mentioned several times and for many it's a good chance to get an Apple product from Apple itself, at a discount at an official price. After that you should consider the issue of warranty. In this case we do not know the pricing of the other models at a discount as there is only one available XS model for the iPhone, certainly additional models and colors will be added to those available in the coming days. I would like to see how much Apple is breaking the iPhone XR

because it is one of the options today for many users.

¿His customer a device in the category restored by Apple? Tell us about your experience in the comments section.