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The letter reveals that Michael Jackson wanted to buy Apple




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From the beginning Apple was always innovative but not profitable. Anyway, before compiling as The most important company in the worldThere were already those who were inclined to be willing to take a positive part in their actions. One of them, Michael Jackson.

According to a letter published by friend and manager of the artist, Dieter Wiesner, Jackson has no desire to cooperate or even buy Apple. In his book, Wiesner has made the decision to rescue significant moments in the life of a star, which includes his face as a visionary businessman, a loving father who cares for family and friends and especially as a "man who inspired millions. ”

Michael Jackson sought out the ownership of Apple, Marvel and Disney

The book is entitled "Michael Jackson: The Real Story" which revealed how the artist once tried to raise $ 1 billion through Swiss or German banks to partner with or buy Apple, Disney Marvel.

In electronic publications, the text and contents of voicemails are attached for presentation plans for a pop king to manage this plan and why it failed. One of those messages (addressed to his manager) makes his wishes clear:

When you receive this message, call me right away. What I want to talk to you about is the highest secret! I need a German or Swiss bank, I want to raise a trillion dollars through a Swiss or German bank, but you have to keep this completely private! Good discovery I want to make. ”

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Apart from being the eccentricity of the artist known for these, as Wiesner emphasized, Michael Jackson is making a lot of money that he promises to maintain his legacy as one of the most important places in the world entertainment. In addition to the millions produced by his work, in life, the artist has reproduced the reproduction rights to the Beatles songs. A good sample of your business idea.

Michael Jackson are the slaves you want and the business partnership is integrated Marvel Comics, Disney and Apple. If Jackson had been able to make his own plan, he would have been one of the richest men in the world, and would have made, if that were possible, a major impact on popular culture. So perhaps we will remember him instead of being the Commander in Chief of the world's greatest entertainment.

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