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the lower end has a new design




After rebuilding the rest of the Galaxy A family, Samsung has relaunched the lower part of its catalog, with the availability of the Glass M, the facilities designed primarily for distribution online.

Among them is something new Samsung Galaxy M51, the terminal has just been released today on video and several photos made of construction plans, so we're pretty sure it will finally be the case.

The Glass M51 will have an ordination screen

The first thing that catches your eye in the low-end or low-end storage space is that its screen, which is 6.3 inches diagonal, features the upper left vacuum to place the front camera housing.

Samsung Galaxy M51 in video: lower grade has new design

It was clear that this inventory line would start to reach cheaper cell phones, but surprisingly, there is no middle ground, as is the case with other types of companies.

Three camera and fingerprint sensor in the background

In the background we have a triple camera module, which also has LED light. Next to it is a sensitivity of the fingerprint sensor. Fortunately Samsung keeps the back up when not using the sensor at the bottom of the screen.

At the bottom we see the speaker and USB C charger connector, but not the headphone jack. Not that it's not installed, but it's because it's high.

As with all leaks, you have to be careful, but Onleaks has shown time and again over the years that their sources are very reliable. Of course, the last name of this model may not be the Samsung Galaxy M51, but the Samsung Galaxy M41.

There are currently no mature indicators or pricing or, of course, presentation date.


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