After canceling the launch event Apple planned for March, an event that was not announced due to a coronavirus, Tim Cook's company was launched by its website. the new range of iPad Pro, a completely new range and a very small difference compared to the 2018 model, except for the camera system.

But the most exciting was the new one The magic keyboard is a standard keyboard that also features a trackpad and the machine is a scissor. Lots of sugar, very sweet: 399 euros 12.9 inches and 349 euros 11 inches. No specific launch date was announced on Apple's website, which we invite for the month of May.

It would not be the first time that Apple has announced a release date again in the end it is not realized. We tend to think that in the case of an epidemic where we find ourselves, the implementation date is delayed for fraudulent and productive reasons. But that seems unlikely.

Apple Insider fans have discovered the new Magic Keyboard 2020 11-inch iPad Pro listed on Amazon UK, in line with its release date: May 30 and possible reservations at this time. Surprisingly, this new keyboard is already listed on Amazon UK but not on the Amazon website in the United States, where it should come first as standard on all Apple launches.

When will the new Magic keyboard go on sale?

The day that Amazon shows you about the availability of the new Magic keyboard is noticeable, can be improved or delayed so if you're waiting for this new keyboard (the Amazon UK version is only available in English), the best thing you can do is wait, because that's very likely. Apple is starting to open it with its online store.