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The mobile exceeds 170 million downloads in just 2 months




Duty Mobile Phone

Call of Duty: Mobile, a topic we have already explored, is one of the games of the year, so they voted Android users. The theme of activation has been successful since its launch in two months it reached 172 million.

A Sensor Tower report revealed that Call of Duty: Mobile produced about $ 87 million in player costs worldwide and that surpassed 172 million downloads in its first two months of life. The title by Tencent reached this record 100 million in its first week, but that speed dropped over time.

In November Activision our work achieved only 21 million downloads, while in October it received 146 million. However, this game is internationally popular and one of the most popular in the United States, where it has been virtually discovered 28.5 million downloads

, representing 16.6 percent of all downloads. India is in second place with 17.5 million entries and Brazil are in third place with 12 million.

The cost of players also decreases, though they remain tight

Battle Royale of Call of Duty - Mobile

Among other details, The Google Play Store has been very productive to download, representing more than 89 million, which represents 52% of the total. For its part, the iOS version of the game has accumulated nearly 83 million downloads. As a download, Duty Call: Mobile received most of its revenue in October, raising $ 55 million, while in October it gained 31 million.

The US is leading the list, as its players have used it more than $ 36 million, representing 42% of the total. Japanese players have become the second most expensive player, paying more than $ 11 million, while Great Britain closes the podium with $ 2.6 million. Most of this money comes from the Apple App store, which generated more than $ 51 million; while The Google Play Store has accumulated over $ 35 million.

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