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The most ambitious Telegraph project has been canceled, due to the United States?




Since its launch, Telegram has been one of our preferred messaging apps. One of the main features of the app is that it is free, ad-free and also respects our privacy, a feature these days that is so sophisticated. The Telegraph Open Network opened up a world of possibilities for the platform, and it seems that in the end it won't.

The company wanted to move forward with one step and something they called TON, which stands for Telegram Open Network. After two-and-a-half years, the project was canceled, and the developer of Telegram explains that this is all a mistake of … United States?

Open Telegraph network, Telegraph network, canceled

After great success as a messaging system, the next big project for Telegram was something called Telephone unlock network. The project included an open, free and differentiated network, a network that would have its own cryptocurrency economy program they called Gram.

This project was under constructionor two and a half years in a team made up of the best Telegal engineers, and at the technical level it is a project they are very proud of. Integrating TON within Telegrams had the potential to change the way people save and exchange money and information.

Gram was Telecrage for Telegram, using technologies similar to Bitcoin.

Without all this, the project will never see the light of day, and the reason is that Gram, the Telegraph cryptocurrency, filed by United States courts

, a decision that affects not just the country, but all over the world. The reason could be that, as an American citizen cannot afford it, it should not be sold.

In the words of Pavel Durov himself, the inventor of Telegal, this simple description of the present situation:

Imagine that several people were combining money to build a gold mine, and later distributing the gold. Then the court comes in and says that «these people have invested in gold mining because they were demanding benefits. They do not want gold for themselves, but to sell it to other people. Therefore, they are not allowed to receive gold.

Following the closure of the project, Tragram is no longer officially involved in TON, warning against the possibility of other born projects taking on the name, and urging us not to rely on our money or data. It also promotes those programs that work to create a multi-functional world, wishing them success when they have failed.





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