Smart Keyboard Folio

With iOS 13, Apple got along one of the biggest aspirations of loyal iPad users: mouse support, although very few users are currently using it. By supporting mouse support, in addition to the ability to access external storage units, the iPad took another step toward becoming an alternative to a laptop.

To use the mouse, it is necessary to access the iPad access menu, but it seems that with iOS 14, that will change and Apple wants it to be much simpler and easier to use the mouse. As reported by The Information, Apple will introduce the new smart iPad Pro keyboard with an integrated trackpad.

According to this centralized approach, Apple has been operating a smart keyboard and trackpad for several years, a keyboard that will be made of the same materials as the current model. Introducing this keyboard will be produced by the next generation of iPad Pro,

model that while some rumors suggest it will be launched in March, others delay the day until September / October due to coronavirus production problems.

Including the trackpad, Apple has had to change the layout to make the trackpad area, the keyboard and, according to various rumors, could put the circus process above the light back on the keys, so it's likely that its size is going up without Apple working on a model that offers all these features at the required size.