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The new iPhone 13 concept comes with a sliding screen



The new iPhone 13 concept comes with a sliding screen

Let's admit at once: As Apple users, we like to think of the next thing they will put in our pockets, dolls, anywhere. If we had, we probably wouldn't have bothered to go through all the research and development the lab has. So, not surprisingly, since the iPhone 12 seems to leave little room for thought, we have come to think what the iPhone 13 might be.

To clarify that there are no specific details on what we can get, in addition to some obscure rumors about wireless ports and other unusual changes, and pay attention to that Apple usually takes three years between major redesigns, it is possible that the iPhone 13

is more than a minor update to the iPhone 12. However, that does not stop anyone from thinking of a device that can go far beyond that.

In this case, we share with you the concept developed by Ran Avni of ConceptsiPhone. An app demonstration video that shows the latest interest in trying to integrate in some way dual screen or adjustable screen. And the truth is, when the idea gets there, more than one of us can keep quiet. In this suggestion, the artist shares a device with a large rolled screen, and a second sliding screen.

In the concept of the concept designer, the second screen can allow using the same functionality as the iPadOS dual screen. In addition, the edges of the big screen would replace the classic device and center control controls, similar to what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Edge. Of course, the phone would have a quad camera already thought to come with the next iPhone, which is the fourth member of this LiDAR sensor set.

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Also, we couldn't even officially know the next iPhone 12, so when considering even the iPhone 13's specifications it seems somewhere. Still, we can be sure Apple always wonders its sleeve. And while they are sometimes not as impressive as the intellectual ideas that others come up with, they end up being much more useful and clever than they would be if they became real.

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