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The new leak confirms that the iPhone 12 Pro will have a 120 Hz screen



The new leak confirms that the iPhone 12 Pro will have a 120 Hz screen

WWDC 2020 is already over, and thanks to this event we know all the details about the software versions that will be arriving this year on all compatible devices. Among them, we get iOS 14, which represents an important change in the iPhone operating experience, with a new launch menu coming in the fall to refresh our screens. And we're talking about screens and refreshments, and we have new information about the first iPhone to introduce iOS 14.

In September, if everything finally goes according to plan, we will be able to meet a new generation of smartphones at the company's special event. With them we await the replacement of the current iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Or, we may have more size to choose from

Although this is not entirely clear. What looks closer and closer is the new OLED models with ProMotion technology.

Thanks to ProMotion technology, the new iPhone you will be able to access up to a 120 Hz rate, changes dynamically according to the requirements of each application and avoids unnecessary expenditure of energy. And now, it's confirmed not only the advanced filters for the Apple community, but also Samsung's related, which will make next-door phone panels.

According to @IceUniverse, we should wait for the arrival of this technology on various Pro phones, that is, those with the highest price. On the contrary, and as rumored, some calls didn't have this technology, so they would keep 60 Hz current.

In the meantime, there are still a few months to the day when the species is to be introduced, so many things can change until then. So, and to the best of your ability as it seems so many and possible, it would not be surprising if we reunite with another generation without ProMotion. It's not desirable, but we shouldn't get rid of it, and after several years listening to these kinds of rumors it's better to keep expectations low.

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