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The newly renamed iMac, introduced in WWDC 2020



The newly renamed iMac, introduced in WWDC 2020

Apple will be completing a newsletter with details of iMac design on this year's WWDC. This was stated by the filter Sonny Dickson, who believes that the company will present an iMac with the “iPad Pro design language” on June 22.

Sadly, it was the first time Apple had decided to modify the iMac version since 2012, when the company decided to lower the sides of the desktop computer. Overall design remains the same, and it is rare in the industry.

According kukaDickson, the southern iMac and the “Pro Display-style bezels,” referring to the guards of Apple. Pro Show XDR. It looks like the new Macac could have a display with curved angles and slim bezels, which might be a big step forward.

The laptops in Windows such as the Dell XPS line are able to reduce its bezel to be useless, and the MacBook Apple around. one of the few desktop computers they are all one

sale, you can benefit from very fast in this way.

Filter and confirmed that the new iMac will be the same for T2 co-processor as MacBooks, AMD GPU and SSD Navi in ​​all models (which would Some of the Fusion Drive in cheap versions).

We don't know if Apple will decide to keep the current screen size: 21.5 “and 27”. Other rumors point out that these will have a 24 “and 30” respectively. Such changes may affect the price of the final product.

This information comes at the same time when it seems likely that Apple will introduce a new one ARM chips zeMac at the next WWDC. If so, in any case, the iMac will not be one of the first to have one, so for those from 2020 you can still expect an Intel chip.

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