He CES 2020 Las Vegas Starting again without a doubt will leave us in awe. On this occasion we have the first genius related to a topic often discussed here on iPhone News, those products with screen-printed apples in a box. The first Oral-B launch at CES 2020 is to brush your teeth and integrate with our iPhone, We still have serious doubts about how important it is that even daily brushing of teeth is monitored by our smartphone, but certainly more than one end up finding it very useful in your day to day, let alone glass.

This model is known as Oral-B iO and has an anti-cracking system that uses a waveform to efficiently distribute energy through the brush system. In theory this offers a simple, easy and efficient service, at least that's what guarantees Procter & Gamble, a company that owns this brand among others and owns the patent. This is one of the situations (everywhere) The most significant has been encountered by oral-B oral dental hygiene which is a clear reference not only to the oral hygiene of millions of users, but to the industry as a whole.

In addition, you can now connect to the Oral-B system via Bluetooth connection and you will find the exact brush details, which will allow you to adapt the brush to your specific needs, making a 3D scanner for your teeth to make sure you do. Cleaning as authorized. Extremely specific design, new heads (difficult to imitate) and a small screen to get you up to date with brushing information, What more could you ask for?

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