Jon stewart

Since its market launch in November 2019, Apple has not focused the content of its video streaming platform solely on series, films and documentaries, since we can also current programs like those currently offered by Oprah Winfrey.

In late 2020, it was announced that Jon Stewart would return to the TV world after leaving it in 2015 and directing over 20 Emmy Awards with the show he had on Comedy Central. Apple has confirmed that it won’t be until the fall, when Stewart returns to the small screen.

The program is called The problem with Jon Stewart and it will beTopical program that will deal with the most important issues of the moment. Each episode will be one hour long and will only deal with one topic. But, in addition to the series, there will also be a podcast that will complement each epi sode with additional content that did not have a place in the corresponding episode.

It’s him first program which was born out of the agreement Jon Stewart made with his production company, Busboy Production, and Apple TV +, but it won’t be the only one, since the collaboration agreement is for several years, although it is not known so all the content will be similar, like the one we can meet with Oprah. Richard Plepler (former CEO of HBO) of EDEN Productions will also be part of the executive production alongside James Dixon.

The creative team of The problem with Jon Stewart consists of Brinda Adhikari, who previously worked with Scott Pelley and Diane Swayer, Chelsea Devantez, Former Stewart collaborator on The daily show and Lorrie Baranke, who collaborated with David Letterman.