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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be launched on August 5, according to Ice Universe



The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be launched on August 5, according to Ice Universe

In recent years, Samsung has never missed an appointment in August. The event it's part of their # Unpacked and that it seemed that this year would be delayed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, but this may not be the case. At least that's what tells us the final direct leak of the Ice Universe with a percentage of success, and reliability, is very high.

What this device is telling us is that Samsung is already finalizing details on its next big launch. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20, as we are used to getting more than one model and from this family, they are hot on the band to go to the field on August 5. I think, obviously, that it will be 100% event online, with no public presence. The keynote address for this difficult time is 2020.

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As expected to talk about the range of such features and popularity, Samsung Samsung Galaxy 20 has been allowing us to see some of its specifications ahead of the time shown. Leaks and rumors that, it's all said, they were less aggressive than in previous cities

but they are also on the market.

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This leak told us that the brain would be Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 in other countries as well Exynos 992 for others, that we were able to get up to 16GB of RAM in a more powerful version and that we would have a higher battery, we always talk about the rumors, of the 4,500 mAh Samsung Galaxy Note 20+. Will we have a third model? It will appear on August 5th.

In terms of size, there is 6.87 inches of Galaxy Note 20+ talk of the standard QHD + solution. Specifically, 3,096 x 1,444 pixels, which leaves us with a 19.3: 9 aspect ratio and a maximum of 497 pixels per inch. Refresh rate, 120Hz. There are words pointing to the standard Galaxy Note 20 to sit at 90Hz, we'll see what happens when the presentation arrives.

Calls, as we mentioned, should arrive by August 5, or official confirmation will only come from the hand of Samsung itself, when I send invitations to your Unpacked. In the meantime, we have reserved a date to meet with two future leaders in a large Korean catalog.

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