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The Satechi Dual Smart Outlet, a dual-core plug-in compatible with HomeKit



Smart plugs are one of the most popular tools that work at home because of it is possible to turn on or off any electrical appliance you are connected to, and to provide you with important information such as the power consumption. We are analyzing the new smart smart plug from Satechi, which is partnering with HomeKit at a very competitive price.

With a very simple design that can go with a standard standard plug, this Dual Smart Outlet from Satechi offers two bases where we only have one, the two are independent in terms of performance, and we can control them both with the physical two buttons above them and on all devices that apply for Home, and HomePod through Siri. Two LEDs built around the virtual buttons indicate the status of each plug.

HomeKit Optimization is a simple, easy and fast way: place the HomeKit code over the plug with your iPhone's camera and follow the steps shown in the Home app. At first the plug appears as a single device, however Casa allows us the option of separating two plugs so we can control each one independently

. We can name them so we can easily identify them and use Siri to turn on or off the machine connected to Satechi information.

Integration with HomeKit gives us all the power of Apple's platform: Areas for connecting different devices and managing them together, as well as Automations to perform tasks by turning on the light when you get home at night, or close it when you leave home and no one is left inside. If you want to know more about HomeKit Environments and Automation we recommend you watch our YouTube channel video where we explain everything.

How to use the HomeKit environment and automation

In addition to using the Casa app we can use the Satechi Home system (link) where we will not only be able to control this double Satechi plug, but also install all the compatible HomeKit accessories you have in the Casa app. As an additional, in addition to Casa's offer, With the Satechi app we can see the immediate and historic use of connected accessories

at the Satechi Smart Outlet.

Editor's Vision

At the expense of what it usually costs for a single smart plug, this Dual Smart Outlet from Satechi offers a dual-purpose plug that is fully compatible with HomeKit and with a clear and compact design that looks different from the standard double plug. Its functionality is exactly what you would expect from an appliance installed by Apple HomeKit, with a quick response to your instructions and all the opportunities offered by Apple's home automation platform. You can get it for $39 from the link.

Satechi Dual Smart Outlet
  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating



  • Integration with HomeKit
  • Stable communication
  • Visible buttons on and off
  • Details on how to use electricity


  • Not compatible with other platforms
  • Horizontal layout that can be problematic for some plugs

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