IPhone 12 Flip

How easy it is to capture your dreams on a computer screen. Design drawings of future devices today are available to anyone who has mastered 3D software and has a powerful computer.

Whether there are photos or offers on display, you can capture your ideas for future devices without thinking about whether or not technology is possible. I just stumbled upon the thought of Foldable iPhone so good, and I'll share it. If Samsung had already done it, Apple could have done it again. Time and time again.

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola RAZR on the market, many people dream of the iPhone rolling. We found it at ConceptsiPhone, a YouTube channel where different ideas for Apple devices are shown, the best idea to "dream" IPhone 12 Flip.

There are some very interesting insights into this concept. They positioned the front camera inside the screen for a bezel and minimal look. And a TrueDepth camera ?. It has a small exterior screen and is excellent interchangeable internal screen

to be able to fold.

Few manufacturers have thrown themselves into the pool of wrapping mobiles. It's a very dangerous bet. The devices are soft and expensive. We'll have to wait a little longer to see if this idea of ​​wrapping up "mobile" platforms between consumers or not.

The development of this technology may have failed. Make it very ephemeral do not break it between users

. Some ideas that came to mind among consumers did not come to mind, such as the televisions shown, or the 3D glasses of television viewing.

it is possible Apple already has a foldable prototype for the iPhone, and is waiting to see how users react to models from other manufacturers who have already introduced it to the market, to see if they keep the model on the table or keep it in a drawer in Cupertino offices. In the meantime, we will have to acquire concepts like this.