Spotify continues to be a master with over 200 million active users, Apple Music is developing with strong action, trusting users and providing exciting tools and services to its subscribers. Since last year Spotify sued Apple at the European Commission for unfair competition and for having "referee and player at the same time" relations between these major technology companies have been changing in stages. However, Daniel Ek, The official of Spotify believes that behind the scenes Apple will gradually unveil its platforms until it becomes an open and fair platform.

Spotify believes that Apple is taking slow steps, but is taking them

The controversy over the trial has been sparking for years after a lack of agreement between Apple and Spotify. The latter lamented that enter your subscriptions using the Apple platform You will have to pay a 30% commission on everything made from the app to Apple. This is because the App Store includes this tax for any membership or digital transaction made. According to a Spotify CEO, paying the tax would be:

It's lowering the price of our Premium membership price over the Apple Music price. And to keep our price competitive with our customers, it's something we can do

In some new statements Daniel Ek, The current CEO of Spotify, confirms that Apple is making good decisions and going to a good place. However, he believes that there is a long time and many steps he must take to ensure that all major apple platforms are located in an open and fair environment. All of these statements have the same context that can be explained by Spotify's law against the European Commission last year.

Ek's ultimate goal is to get all platforms and services to the same level within the ecosystem. No discount from the latest rumors that iOS could allow choose which apps can be the default by certain actions. And these apps can include third-party apps, something Sotify has always wanted.