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The SwiftKey keyboard changes ownership and is now called Microsoft SwiftKey




The switchftKey is one of Android's special keyboard, a keyboard that has been a standalone product for years but was bought in 2016 by Microsoft. Four years after the acquisition, SwingftKey begins to integrate Microsoft's name within its system, a change that, or should not have an impact on user experience, but has important implications for the future of the application.

Microsoft SwiftKey: Popular keyboard changes name

In the last hours, the SwiftKey Beta keyboard application was updated, the app with two new features: Emoji 12.0 support and name change, as the application itself shows:

Left: A stable version of SwiftKey. Right: The latest Microsoft SwiftKey beta.

SwiftKey has a new name – it's now Microsoft's switchftKey Keyboard. Don't worry, it's still the same keyboard you know and love.

“We've added support for Emoji 12,0, which introduces a new set of designs – some examples include: flamingo, otter, guide dog, bends, white heart, skin tones integrated when holding hands and sexually active couples. You should be able to access new emojis by opening your emoji panel. Note: To view them, you need a device with Android 10 (or higher).

A move confirming Microsoft's commitment

Microsoft SwiftKey official page.

Microsoft purchased the popular keyboard in February 2016, and since then it's unclear what Microsoft's plans for this keyboard are, and that without ads or in-app purchases, Microsoft's only financial incentive for this keyboard is to use your business applications environment.

The fact that there was no purpose to SwiftKey was troubling, as it may have suffered the same fate as Wunderlist, which after Microsoft was eventually closed. Four years after the purchase, the name change is closely linked to the future of the application, since this information indicates that SwingfKey continues to have a long-term future.








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