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The Telegraph continues to grow in a big way: folders, stats and stickers




During segmentation, there is a significant increase in network performance at all levels. One of them is instant messaging with everything taken from it such as VoIP voice calls or video calls. Phone It became a preferred network for many and its integration into application stores and the community as a whole grows. One of the attractions of its large and beautiful reviews. Today i version 6.0 with great stories like ability to create folders and organize conversations, insert endless pins, touch the stats for major channels and the introduction of new stickers. Want to know more?

The key to recovery is … and Telegram knows it

If you have too many conversations, you can now separate fun from work or family stuff from school stuff, and swipe between tabs to quickly access any of your conversations.

The first great feature of a review is the ability create folders and split our conversations in areas where there is no water. To apply for this job, it is necessary for Telegram to find that you have a lot of messages and conversations that can cause a crash. You can also request a job by clicking on this link.

This way we will be able to separate the conversations into spaces and it will be even better when handling our work and our conversations in private. Also, Inside folders you can have unlimited pins.

If you want to archive a conversation we must point the conversation to the left. It is important to remember that if we keep the conversation quiet, even if it is spoken, it will not appear in unread messages. On the other hand, if the dialog is archived and muted, then notifications will appear in the inbox, thus leaving it archived.

If you have a channel with over 1,000 subscribers, you can now see detailed statistics about your growth and performance on your posts.

Something else is false large channel statistics. If you have a channel for over a thousand people, you will be able to access a large number of analytics to explore the results and interactions with the content you share. It's not one extra task, it's a big step to reach the thought of instant messaging embedded with a social network, don't you think? Finally, new ambulance animations, emoji, virus, pill, soap or cleanser have been installed.

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