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The third generation of AirPods will launch in early 2021



The third generation of AirPods will launch in early 2021

Recent rumors related to the next generation of AirPods, third generation AirPods (Airpods 3), which is about the third, suggest they will see the light in the first half of 2021, contradicting rumors that in the remainder of the year they can reach the market once second generation AirPods Pro.

Recent news related to this third generation suggests that it will have a design similar to AirPods Pro but unlike these, it will not have an effective audio cancellation program. This design change may be the main reason why some analysts have considered the launch of a particular AirPods Pro Lite


Speaking of AirPods Pro, these can see the light in the second half of 2021According to recent rumors, they will probably be unveiled with the next iPhone 13, though they can also reach the market through website updates and media releases.

Months ago, Apple has a wide range of AirPod production outside of China, kindly to Vietnam, where he was warmly welcomed by the government. The three companies that will manage to produce this next generation are Inventec, Luxshare and Goertek.

New features on AirPods 3

Some rumors suggest that the next generation of AirPods could not install nerves to monitor exercise, sensors that will allow the user not to rely on the Apple Watch to control their sports activity.

The problem with this performance is that battery usage will increase. Also, the measurements you make are possible are not as accurate as we can find them now with the Apple Watch. To ensure that Apple wants to increase the performance of its wireless headphones, we will have to wait for its launch.

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