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The user gets to play Call of Duty: Mobile on their smartwatch




Call of Duty: Mobile, which was recently it has reached 150 million downloads, is a mobile version of the popular island saga. A topic that can be enjoyed on both smartphones and tablets, though some users have other forums in the game's mind. As we are introducing it below, because the furniture fan succeeded start and play Call of Duty: Mobile on a smartwatch, directly on Zeblaze THOR 5.

Mobile version of the popular Fractise activation, that's confirmed it will block cheats permanently and that has already paid off Season 6, is fully functional on Weblaze THOR 5. smartwatch was shown last year through the YouTube 702-Tech channel, with a video where you can see the first steps of the game, from the loading screen in the best-known study learning game controls.

Duty Mobile Phone on smartwatch

Unsurprisingly, this user, who said a few days ago on Reddit when he gets bored he fucks with his smartwatch, make Call of Duty: Mobile fully functional with smartphone. Of course, the video only shows how this person is make it part of the game's lesson

-It's better for first touch-, so it's not known if this device can be used to play both multiplayer again Battlefield mode, that for this you need an internet connection.

The user gets to play Call of Duty: Mobile on their smartwatch

This user shared this achievement on their YouTube channel, which we had a startling reaction by all the people who didn't think it was possible to play Call of Duty: Mobile on smartwatch. Even the strange joke is that this version looks better than your smartphone. Others, however, want to ask which smartwatch is the one from the video, so we think that more than one will want to try the game on a specified device.

As mentioned earlier, the smartwatch mentioned by Zeblaze THOR 5. A sports-focused smartwatch with features a 1.39 inch AMOLED screen, a SIM slot for 4G connection to use as an alternative tool and to use WhatsApp, Android 7.1.1 operating system, Bluetooth 4.0 connection, 545 mAh battery and battery an 8 megapixel camera it is located on the right side of the clock face. Inside there is a MediaTek MT6737 processor 4-core at a frequency of 1.25 GHz with a Nordic 52840 chip with 2GB RAM capable of running programs and 16 GB of internal storage.

Among other details, Zeblaze THOR 5 also features a lot activities that mimic the daily exercise routine, such as counting of steps, information about your heart rate or distance, among others. In addition, this smartwatch has a body made of local design with solid aluminum alloy material silicone cord and weighs 67 grams.

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