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The wireless and wireless iPhone will arrive next year by 2021




IPhone 2021

Existing rumors confirm that we will see a completely new wireless iPhone. Apple plans to bring the cellphone out of the connection ports and this is confirmed by a popular filter, Jon Prosser.

IPhone without ports

In 2019 analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple would work on an iPhone without a Lightning connector, which undermined the prospect of having Apple phones with USB Type-C connectors.

Recently this statement was "fully verified" by Jon Prosser, one of the most successful filters in the upcoming Curertino company's plans. Well according to their reports, Apple plans to launch this iPhone out of ports by 2021 and he said so on his Twitter account.

"Yes. IPhone without ports will arrive next year …

What does this mean?

The port-free iPhone should be charged using Qi Wireless Charging. Currently this type of luggage is manufactured Games limit power flow to just 7.5W

and it takes about 4 hours to fully charge the phone. Therefore, Apple will need to offer more wireless charging to compensate for the need for a charging cordIn addition, this could mean the return of AirPower.

File transfers and restoration of devices in case of software failure can take the form of new communication between iPhone and computer. The remote control system works perfectly. Also, it is known that Apple is actively working on developing AirDrop, something that can intervene during file transfer or synchronization.

Finally, Apple will introduce you to any port built into its iPhone, which completely covers it again being the first company to reach it. However, even though there are already many computers and concepts that have been introduced by various companies, none of these phones have been introduced in the market due to barriers with hardware and software.

IPhone without ports

There will be a lot of people who may disagree with this decision the availability and culture we already have through communicationBut keep in mind that when Steve Jobs launched the Mac, this computer no longer had a floppy disk drive and was the beginning of the end for this type of storage.

Jon Prosser himself stated in his tweet: There will be no USB-C ports. Ultimately all iPhones will have no ports. That means this year's version (iPhone 12) it can still come with a Lightning connector Will this be favorable to the company? We'll know if this iPhone without ports arrives.


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