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These are all Apple Arcade compatible games remotely



These are all Apple Arcade compatible games remotely

Apple Arcade is Apple's gaming platform, where you can play a variety of games selected by the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, as well as Mfi (Made for iOS) controllers like SteelSeries Nimbus +.

Or at first we would have thought that all Apple Arcade games would work with control, it turns out they are not. Some games have related areas designed exclusively for touchscreens, at least on the iPhone and iPad.

How do you know if a game is compatible with controllers

Apple clearly tells you whether the game sponsors drivers or not. If you are on the game home page, look for the Administrator icon under the Get link. But there are many, many others who do not, like Enter the Gungeon, and we are still testing them to find out what is missing.

In some, like Tints, you can use the controller in the game's start menu on the iPad, but you can't use it to play. In Outlanders, you can use the controller to navigate the map, but you can't interact with anything. In these cases, we do not expect the game to receive administrator support.

In some cases, like Sonic Racing and Cricket Through the Ages, you can obviously play with the controller on the iPad, but not on the iPhone.

Miles may vary depending on the controller you use. Older MFi controllers do not always support “L3” and “R3” buttons made with the click of a thumb, so they do not have a variety of Xbox and PS4 models. In most cases, games see us using DualShock 4 and displaying PlayStation entries in ads, rather than A / B / X / Y.

Note: Games that do not show iPhone or iPad driver support in the App app, but appear to be played entirely with drivers on those asterisk-marked devices.

We will keep this list updated as we learn more games with driver support.

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