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These are the best-selling phones in the world right now




Apple usually skips the app or more on the list of best sellers every year, but today, What we've talked about is the best-selling Android edges in the world right now, at a time when, due to the global trend due to the coronavirus, worldwide sales of smartphones are falling.

Yes, the consulting company Traveltics published a study in which it revealed which phones were best sold in the first quarter of the year, and drew attention to the fact that we only find the high end between them: Samsung Galaxy S20 +. But it is not this Samsung that we talked about today.

Galaxy A51 display

Samsung Galaxy A51, first-quarter seat

As is sometimes the case, sometime during the first quarter of the year, Technical Analytics, which is a good consultant with the market, has released its data on Android smartphone sales, and the mid-range controls the market, with the Samsung Galaxy A51 at the helm, that is, in terms of this consulting activity, the best-selling terminal in the Android market. This is the first quarter of the year.

However, we recently told you that someone else is consulting Canalsys,

and the esteemed, published a study in which he says that, in the month of May, the best-selling terminal on Android it was Redmi Note 8, which had the Samsung Galaxy A51 in second place on the list. Both days of lessons are incompatible, but what they are doing is succeeding the Galaxy A51 and Redmi Note 8, which, according to this, are the best sellers of Android.

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Also, if most of the terminals from both stations have something in common, that is for the middle class, in that very interesting category now from 170 euros to 300, and where we can find authentic jewelry that, at the price it contains, they have done all well,

and, in fact, they are more than sufficient for the large number of users, who have decided to put their trust in these institutions.

The Redmi Note 8T is on hand

We have reviewed both the Samsung Galaxy A51 and the Redmi Note 8T, and the fact is that they seem to be some of the best options we find mid-range at the price they contain, which doesn't come close to 500 euros, so it's not a failure to win both. On the other hand, According to a Technology Analytics study, these are some of the best-selling Android terminals in the first quarter:

  • Samsung Galaxy A51
  • Redmi 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 +
  • Samsung Galaxy A10s
  • Article Redmi 8
  • Samsung Galaxy A20s

As you can see, Samsung dominates the position with a metal arm, and Xiaomi is the only other model to come from. All the mid-range locations except for the Samsung Samsung S20 + we discussed earlier, which seems to indicate a good formation for the Korean company at the end of the year.

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