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These are the most powerful mobiles of April, according to AnTuTu




After making known list of the 20 most powerful Android smartphones in March in China and everyone, the company behind the celebrity performance test AnTuTu Benchmark now publish the status with the most powerful phones for storage in mid-April 2020. Through its official website, AnTuTu has provided a list of the top 10 most mid-size phones. Terms of Service – since last April, the list where the ten models are still smartphones has a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.

In addition, there have been a series of qualitative changes compared to last month. It should be remembered that popular band distinctions, as usual, show up average rating per device. Here we reveal which are the most powerful smartphones in the world, led by OPPO and Xiaomi devices.

The highest end of March, according to AnTuTu

OPPO Get the X2 Pro up front

With the launch of another edition of the Smartphones with Snapdragon 865, there have been further changes to the top 10 players list for April. QoO Neo 3 and OPPO Ace 2 came in, beating themselves Xiaomi Mi 10 y Black Shark 3 from the list. The state of the most powerful phones in April has the leader, and consequently, as the most powerful smartphone OPPO Get X2 Pro, with AnTuTu score of 562,262.

The second place in the category is OPPO Get X2 with the same processor and with 602,191 marks. In third place is QoO Neo3 with a score of 600,893, while the fourth position is for that Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, having scored 599,859 points in the well-known bench. In fifth place is OPPO Ace2, a gaming smartphone that has earned 594,678 marks on AnTuTu.

Antutu android april 2020

Mobiles are replacing left Redmi K30 Pro with 594,328 points, i Article 3 by 587,510 points, i realme X50 Pro 5G by 587,386 points, i VIVO NEX 3S 5G with 586,515 points and Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro with a score of 586,062.

Kind of power in mid-March, according to AnTuTu

Antutu android in mid-April 2020

And what about the middle grade? As usual, the popular bench released this split in the month of April. In this event, the podium is taken by OPPO Reno 3 5G, which is in first position and has 405,159; he Respect 30S, as a runner-up and has 364,077; y VIVO S6 5G, satisfied with a bronze with an average of 330,696 points.

The following seven phones have the power of the month, according to the AnTuTu categories Redmi K30 5G with 329,704 points, i VIVO X30 5G by 327,092 points, i Alive Z6 with 323,684 points, i OPPO Reno 3 Pro 5G with 319,937 points, i Honor 9X Pro by 312,209 points, i Huawei Nova 6 SE by 307,112 points and, finally, Respect Play 4T Pro with a score of 303,057.

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