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This Apple Watch cord allows you to transport AirPods




    AirBands for AirPod and Apple Watch

Third-party accessories for Apple products, generally do not go unnoticed, for better or worse. And in terms of the recent departure of AirPods, there are many companies dedicated to creating covers that look truly amazing. However, there are some who have decided to do more than what they have done many work accessories

So, it appeared this week on Kickstarter, when a user created a fundraising campaign for the Apple Watch team that at the same time could pick up AirPods, baptized as Airband. The project has a goal of $ 10,000.

AirBand project co-founder Matt Youngblood said the product should work such as the temporary restoration of AirPods

in cases where the case of a township is not a better solution or closer. In this case he also pointed out that the product has already been tested and has an online builder, but so far the financing of the materials and the required hand to make the product depends.

As with campaigns that are often conducted on the Kickstarter refund site, that AirBand establishes a minimum amount of affiliate from $ 20 per sponsor, to confirm at least one AirBand, is likely to start shipping from April.


On the platform a series of images are left with a detailed description that allows for the creation of a product and one that you can see situations where the band can be useful, like trying to pay for something in a store or working in a cafe and leaving them while you focus on something else.

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