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This could be AMD Ryzen’s first mobile phone and why it could be good news for Android



AMD is a leading manufacturer in the PC world by having Intel's competitors on processors and Nvidia graphics cards. In recent years the company has reinvented itself with AMD Ryzen, computer processors that perform highly competitive pricing.

A few hours ago, a leak broke out that, if true, would be good for Android. The value and importance of AMD's entry on Android would be great for your next cell phone purchase, even if it doesn't have a processor from AMD itself.

The mature features of AMD Ryzen look great

In the last few hours, a new ARM processor has been unveiled, providing life-sustaining facilities for all phones on the market. The unique value of ARM is that the company that makes these projects allows anyone to license them to build their own processors, such as Apple, Nvidia, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung and Huawei.

Of all these companies, Qualcomm is the absolute authority of Android, since some (except MediaTek) make their device drivers for their devices. In the case of MediaTek, it poses no major threat to Qualcomm's management, because even though it is improving every year, it's still far from the best of Snapdragon.

This will be the first AMD Ryzen for mobile.

At the specified level, a processor called AMD looks amazing. The chip will be manufactured in a 5-nanometer manufacturing combination, with the Cortex X1 and two A78 cores, the facilities introduced a few days ago. This processor will have a MediaTek 5G modem (since AMD does not have its own technology, it is the best they can choose) and features such as HDR10 + video, Wi-Fi 6 and ultrafast UFS 3.1 and LPDDR5 memory.

Most impressive of all, is the construction of the mobile RDNA2, a graphics chip about 45% faster than Qualcomm's Adreno 650 GPU.

Why not for Android

The state of high-end Android by 2020 has been somewhat misunderstood, and that almost all manufacturers suffer from prices ranging from 200 to 300 euros. The cause is due to 5G, a compelling connection for manufacturers who want to use the more powerful Snapdragon 865. The main reason is that this chip doesn't have a modem, and Qualcomm sells in an invisible package.

Qualcomm makes these kinds of climbs “for you” because it can do that with no real competition. Qualcomm's actions have angered some manufacturers, such as the rival Snapdragon 810, that neither Samsung nor Huawei can specify the alternatives they use, since all others cannot choose to go with another manufacturer. Not least if they want a high-end processor.

AMD's entry into the mobile processor market would not only mean the entry of the historic builder into the world of processors, but it would also give mobile manufacturers more options, giving them more competitive advantage.

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