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This device allows you to measure the health of your lungs




Technological advances are beneficial to all, as is this progress They mean not only advances in telecommunications, but also in healthcare. And there is no better test than smartwatches, by which we can measure our heart rate, our movements and the quality of our sleep.

But now, a definite health service has arrived, and it's your lungs meter, something independent of other things, that comes at a time many cities are heaps of sure pollution It can be very harmful to health.

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This is a health meter for your lungs that can help you improve your condition

Well, as surprising as it may be, there is a company called BULO -ironic name – which has been able to develop a device that is quite compact – just because it fits in the pocket- that is measuring the health of your lungs, helps you improve it. And, according to the company that developed it, it's the right product for:

  • Professional athletes
  • People with active lives
  • Musicians and dancers
  • Citizens of highly polluted cities
  • Smokers
  • Depressed people
  • People who practice yoga or meditation

This device, to which Samsung's previous engineers participated, will measure the condition of your lungs, as it may otherwise, with continuous breaths for 6 seconds you will need to take them out. After this, the results will be sent to the mobile, and the algorithm calculates the result

to show you on the device app you need to download to your smartphone.

This small, portable device will be able to tell you the amount of lungs you have, as well as your lung capacity, and the capacity of your lungs, all of this by shooting in 6 seconds on the device. You should know that the results produced by this BULO device will be saved so that you can track your progress over time.

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The BULO device has a 300 mAh battery, which, according to the company, provides 20 day independence if you use 30 minutes daily, and it takes 4 hours to fully charge. The design, as you can see, is simple, and can be separated for easy cleaning.

Bulo's lungs

We currently have a lot of technology focused on healthcare, and these devices are a great way to worry about this in our day to day, so that we can know what we should improve, and what activities can benefit us.

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Currently, the BULO service a Kickstarter project you can get for 92 euros in its cheap package, it will give you a unit for this device. Or, if your contribution to the project is huge, you can even take both of these devices home, which is already in your hands.

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