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This is & # 39; Corte ASMR & # 39 ;, the most exciting cutting-edge game currently on Google Play




Do Crazy Labs sound familiar to you? It's a kind of indie game, where TabTale has developed and published many articles, some of which are curious with millions of downloads behind him. & # 39; Run the resource! & # 39; (& # 39; Run Saussage Run & # 39 ;, in English) and AMAZE! Two examples of this, but many more.

His latest creation is called & # 39; Corte ASMR & # 39; (& # 39; ASMR Slicing & # 39;) in English and in a few days he has managed to establish himself as the most downloaded game on Google Play in various countries (including Spain). As its name implies, its purpose is to cut or cut different objects and the power is as simple as dipping your finger from top to bottom on a mobile screen.

Haptic feedback and many colors

Court of Asmr

Its creators describe it as "the most satisfying game of kinetic sand," but we soon discovered that the sand is not the only thing that will cut it

. Once downloaded, before starting the game, we must accept – or not – its privacy policy, which enables you to choose between showing you customized ads based on your preferences or ads of any kind, even if they don't apply to you.

We start with the baseline levels and what do we get? A knife to slide from top to bottom with your finger to it cut the object into pieces as it progresses. The more cuts we make, the sooner the top bar will be eliminated and soon we will move to the next level.

Asmr Cut 2

As we go along, we will uncover "mysterious things" – we will also be able to cut after watching a 30-minute promotional video- and getting coins & # 39; shopping & # 39; knives or new weapons store. And notice, there's a laser sword, chainsaw, etc.

Asmr Corte 5

The power of the game is the same for all grades, although in some cases we have to pay attention to the instructions to fill the progress bar since we might have done it at that level. a certain number of cuts or find a specific product hidden within the item we are going to install.

Asmr Corte 3

It is, therefore, a very appropriate basic game – repetitive and enjoyable for many -, whose openness, as usual, is its extreme advertising: rather than advertising – at least on two levels. As an attraction, we will highlight its colorful 3D graphics, a smooth haptic response produced by cut-out material and relaxing sounds you can turn off so you don't disturb the rest (like vibration). Hence the name ASMR (from English, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response).

Alternatively, we are dealing with a free theme, currently, it does not offer in-app purchasesNot even eliminating advertising. But come on, Google Play already puts in a combined purchase of 1.89 euros per item. Currently, it is version 1, but it already accumulates over 10 million downloads; In fact, it has an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 with almost 15,000 updates.

ASMR cutting

ASMR cut


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